[racket] Wikipedia article improvements

From: Joan Arnaldich (jarnaldich at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Aug 11 08:13:02 EDT 2011

Well, as I said, I'm pretty new to Racket, but so far there are two
main things that I think make it pretty unique: first one is
extensibility, which is very well covered in the article now. The
second one (always IMHO) is that, a part from having a solid
theoretical basis, it is very practical (pragmatic?). It is not only a
beautiful language: it is a language you can get your stuff done,
quickly and reliably.

As an example: it may not be one of Racket's most advanced features,
but the ability to generate standalone executables for different
platforms may help to sell it a bit. For what I've seen, this has
traditionally been both a common request and a pain to get it right in
other dynamic languages. In Racket it just works.

Maybe these practical aspects could be covered in subsections like
Racket for systems programming, Racket for the web, Racket as a tool
for learning to program... etc... with examples of the kind "look what
you can do in just ?? lines of Racket...

As for adding more examples in general, I think the middle section in
racket-lang.org front page is very good: they cover a wide range of
potential interested users, from the scripting guys to more
theoretical stuff... maybe some of them could be copied with the help
text into the article? I'm not sure a wikipedia reader will take the
time to click again and again to browse them from the main page.

Maybe a section on specific libraries or languages would be desirable,
too, since some of them look quite impressive... Again, I'm just
learning, but for what I've read so far, I think the web server is a
kind of killer app... partial serializable continuations... how cool
is that? Furthermore, web programming has become a kind of niche for
non-mainstream languages, so curious web programmers may be among your
potential readers...

As for the links section... maybe I would also add a section on
applications and companies using Racket in production
environments... As far as I know, there's

- Arc was built on top of racket... and it runs Hacker News http://news.ycombinator.com/
- The racket documentation
- The people at http://untyped.com/

Dunno... what do you think? Do you expect for people to go and
directly edit the wikipedia article or would you rather do it
yourself... also, do you expect the discussion on the article to take
place here or over wikipedia? 

Well, remember it's just the point of view of a beginner... 

Cheers Asumu!

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