[racket] enter! and contracts

From: Wojciech Kaczmarek (wojtekk at kofeina.net)
Date: Wed Aug 10 19:13:50 EDT 2011


I'm rediscovering Racket (actually, discovering under this name ;) after a
long time and I am fascinated by the quality and quantity of all the stuff,
micro-languages, infrastructure, libs, not to mention documentation [1].

Now I'm trying to enjoy it all while preserving my programming habits: Emacs
+ long-running REPL. It means: lots of (enter! ..) use during coding.

The problem I ran into with this workflow is that contracts for module
functions seem to  be not triggered when the module was loaded via enter!.
Is there any workaround on this?

Are there any subtle differences between (require) and (enter!) one should
be aware of?



[1] I recently found http://www.nongnu.org/geiser/ and had a pleasure to
read beautiful prose with which its documentation is written. If you excuse
a bit of sentiment: That, together with the Racket docs, looks like writings
of the people who simply love what they create. Authors, thank you.
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