[racket] pretty-big->#lang (was: External connection to Finndesign Liitin)

From: Jukka Tuominen (jukka.tuominen at finndesign.fi)
Date: Wed Aug 10 04:00:46 EDT 2011


coming back to pretty-big->#lang issue. I just noticed a weird thing. Once I
changed the external connection source files to '#lang racket' format
(updates attached), this is what happens:

1) Just evaluate the environment i.e. just [Run] the liitin.rkt without
   any example procedures (or [Check Syntax])
  >> Everything OK

2) Run any single example
  >> Everything OK

3) Run two or more examples in row
  >> error: "compile: unbound identifier (and no #%app syntax
            transformer is bound) in: quote"

First question: I wonder what causes Pretty big and #lang racket behave

The error seems to point to my strange 'quotify' helper (can't blame, really

(define (quotify var) (eval-string (string-append "''" (symbol->string

The purpose of this helper, is to take a variable and 'double quote' it so
that once the next procedure evaluates it, one quote layer still remains.
Also, the var content has to be changeable:


  (define (l-get liitin-object)
    (eval-in-server server-name server-port (list
'fetch-public-object-contents (quotify liitin-object))))

(l-get 'namespace:object)

>> '(public-object-exists? 'namespace:object) instead of
'(public-object-exists? 'liitin-object) or having the liitin-object expanded

Second question: Is there a better procedure doing quotify's job without
causing the error? I assume that this is yet again the top-level namespace
issue caused by the 'eval-string'?

Or - since the error only occurs in the 'demo mode' running multiple
examples instead of the normal case's single procedure - is this rather a
feature than an error? :) Anyway, two procedures cannot see each other,
unless they either come from a module or the customized liitin lookup. If
I've understood correctly...?

br, jukka

>Now, I
quess it would be better to turn to #lang era.
>> Why are you using Pretty Big? It's usually not a good idea.
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