[racket] FW: External connection to Finndesign Liitin

From: Jukka Tuominen (jukka.tuominen at finndesign.fi)
Date: Thu Aug 4 05:26:59 EDT 2011

Hi Rodolfo,

I'm glad you liked it :)

Unfortunately there's not yet a decent way to find out what's available.
I've noticed the same need while 'dog-fooding' on the system, and have
planned to approach it in two ways:

- Provide an internal/external channel for people to make announcements (=
web and/or posting list)
- Add a search functionality atleast with free-text search on object name
and content, and 'my history' options.

Since many invisible Liitin engine issues still occupy most of our time,
there isn't much content yet in store and only a hand-full of account
owners. I'm not sure if they've published anything, yet. So, if anybody is
willing to provide more content, they are more than welcome. Any content
really for either public or personal use, but Liitin development-wise it
would great to have three types of content, in particular (in no particular
preference order)
- Small, useful, smart-phone-type-of GUI utils, such as calculator, virtual
keyboard, clock...
- Cool stuff to draw attention, e.g. games, A.I., the unexpected...
- Expansion to new terratories, giving examples, inspiration and
stepping-stones for others to explore things further.

Also, IDE and GUI tools require lots of work to ease bringing in more
content. Both pro and Scratch-type of approaches.

br, jukka
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  I was able to run the examples successfully after manually setting the
language to Pretty Big.
  It went reasonably fast, I enjoyed :D

  Question: is it possible today to find out what other users and/or
definitions are available within Liitin?


  Rodolfo Carvalho

  On Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 19:37, Jukka Tuominen
<jukka.tuominen at finndesign.fi> wrote:

    If I remember correctly, there was some time ago discussion about a
    default language missing from Racket. I agree. Once I started with PLT
    Scheme many years ago, I picked the version that suited best at that
    And have been using that ever since mostly for compatibility reasons.
Now, I
    quess it would be better to turn to #lang era. It propably won't happen
    Liitin backend, but if anyone can instruct how to convert these ext
files to
    #lang format, I'd be happy to update them. I just tried it but also
    the errors that Jon mentioned.

    Also, I wonder if case sensivity and redefinition settings can somehow
    included so that the user wouldn't need to worry about them either?

    br, jukka

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    > At Wed, 3 Aug 2011 21:51:22 +0300,
    > Jukka Tuominen wrote:
    > > Did you set DrRacket's language to Pretty Big (Not default, I
    > >
    > >  From liitin-lib.rkt:
    > >   ;; You may additionally want to set the DrRacket language
    > level to 'Pretty
    > > Big', uncheck case sensivity,
    > >   ;; and uncheck 'Disallow redefinition of initial bindings' to
    > > improve compatibility.
    > Why are you using Pretty Big? It's usually not a good idea.
    > Vincent

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