[racket] Racket v5.1.2

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Thu Aug 4 01:46:37 EDT 2011

Two hours ago, Neil Van Dyke wrote:
> Eli Barzilay wrote at 08/03/2011 10:45 PM:
> > The best way to deal with these is to use a precise version number
> > (even if it's an unreleased four-part version) with the result of
> > `version->integer' from `version/utils'.
> I guess I don't mind sounding encylopedically nerdy when I later
> tell someone, speaking from memory, "Ah yes, Places support was
> added in *version five dot one dot two*," with a precision cadence
> for each part of the version number.  It beats having to say goofy
> Ubuntuesque version names like "Rambunctious Rabbit": "Affirmative,
> sir.  Staging servers have been validated with Racket version Randy
> Rottweiler, and are ready for production deployment."

[FWIW, I really dislike those "cute" codenames.  They're semi-"fun" in
some projects where they're not used for much more than the
announcements, but Ubuntu not only uses them thoroughly, they came up
with that two-word convention...]

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