[racket] How to do binding analysis? Distinguishing identifiers: one that creates a binding, the other being bound to it

From: Zack Brannigan (srwences123 at yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Apr 25 09:39:36 EDT 2011

Hi, all:

What's the best way to analyze a fully-expanded syntax object so that I can work out identifier bindings and their dependencies? I have in mind what the syncheck tool does: it shows dependencies (through arrows) of a variable from where it is used to where it is bound.

However, looking through collects/drracket/private/syncheck/gui.rkt reveals very little how it works out those dependencies. At the very least, I want to be able to distinguish when an identifier is doing the binding and when an identifier is being used.

I also played around with syntax/id-table and syntax/boundmap, but they don't seem to reveal dependencies. (Unless I used them wrong.)

Can anyone help? 
Thank you.

--- Helena
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