[racket] No OpenGL on canvas created by button click

From: Johnny Morrice (spoon at killersmurf.com)
Date: Sat Apr 16 09:31:30 EDT 2011

Hello list,

In racket 5.1 from the gentoo lisp overlay,

When I create an canvas% after a button press, it does not
support OpenGL.

This does not occur with a canvas created immediately on a frame%.

Have a look at the attachment to see if you can replicate this:

$ gracket works.rkt
Canvas has a GL context

$ gracket dont_work.rkt
(object:button% ...)
GtkGLExt: gtk_widget_set_gl_capability: assertion `!GTK_WIDGET_REALIZED
(widget)' failed
Canvas does not have a GL context

Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?

I don't know GTK but I did some research and it seems the GTK assertion
means the canvas is not on the screen.

I'm not really sure how to approach that, I did some tinkering with
turning the frame on and off before canvas creation, made no difference.

Rapt with anticipation,
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