[racket] DrScheme hangs under Ubuntu 11.04?

From: Hyungrok Kim (hyungrokkim at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Apr 11 17:13:48 EDT 2011

El lun, 11-04-2011 a las 14:14 -0600, Matthew Flatt escribió:
> Thanks for the report! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to replicate
> the problem in a 32-bit Ubuntu 11.04 beta 1 installation.
> Can you try running `drracket' in a Terminal window, and when DrRacket
> gets stuck, hit Ctl-C in in the Terminal window? That should generate a
> stack trace that you could report back to the list (or just me). It
> might not be enough information, but it's worth a try.

Hi Profs. Flatt and Findler,

Thanks for the prompt response! Long story short, the problem seems to
have been on Ubuntu's side, and was fixed in today's update.

I was using a fairly vanilla Ubuntu 11.04 (64-bit); the problem was that
upon launching DrRacket (either from the terminal or through Alt+F2) the
whole system would freeze, precluding any possibility of stack traces
&c. (The Racket REPL worked well.)

There was an update to Ubuntu's Unity interface about 9 hours ago [1],
and now DrRacket launches fine and flawlessly for me. There's no
specific mention of DrRacket in the changelog, but Bug #754063 [2] seems
similar: the whole system would sometimes freeze under certain
conditions. I haven't investigated further, but it seems that Ubuntu was
at least partly to blame.

Thanks again!


[2] https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/754063

Hyungrok Kim

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