[racket] big-bang!

From: Gregor Kiczales (gregor at cs.ubc.ca)
Date: Mon Nov 29 18:56:33 EST 2010

In merging the mutable variables part of 1e with the universe of 2e, one thing we do is move world state into a state variable.

Doing that is nice because it shows a classic use of mutable variables.

But its awkward to have to tell students something like "to keep big-bang happy we have to let it pass around something, lets let it think the world state is 1".

I'm wondering whether anyone tried making a big-bang! in which big-bang doesn't pass (or expect to receive) world state? I'm not asking about implementing it since that's easy. I'm asking about whether anyone has tried doing it and switching to that when they switch to state variables?

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