[racket] play-sound

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Mon Nov 29 12:25:12 EST 2010

On Nov 29, 2010, at 1:37 AM, synx wrote:

> Sound isn't really the forté of windowing applications. I'm not sure why
> "play-sound" is in there at all. But to be more helpful, do you have
> "portaudio" support? You could try using the planet package for that:
> http://planet.racket-lang.org/display.ss?package=rsound.plt&owner=clements
> (require (planet clements/rsound:1))
> http://www.portaudio.com/
> I haven't tried it yet. Can supposedly play 16-bit PCM though!

Thanks for the link.  Be aware that the most recent version (1 10) works only with extremely recent versions of DrRacket.  Version (1 9) is fairly robust, though.


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