[racket] quack qunundrum

From: prad (prad at towardsfreedom.com)
Date: Fri Nov 26 03:11:21 EST 2010

greetings! i just started with racket having done a bit of mit-scheme
and commonlisp.

i'm trying to get quack to work with emacs and it is very nice for the
most part. however, i can't get C-c C-c to work.

if i go to the middle of something like:

(define (add3 n)
  (+ n 3))

and do C-c C-c (compile definition & go), i get stuff like:
#~^E5.0.2^C^@^@^@ ...
all sorts of weird codes which i can't even copy out directly from the
buffer with my function name somewhere in there which doesn't register
so i can't run it.

if i C-x C-e it works fine as does C-c C-r and i can even compile the
entire buffer without difficulty.

any thoughts on what i can do to get C-c C-c working?

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