[racket] moby: problem running on-tick and on-acceleration simultaneously on android

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at cs.wpi.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 24 16:09:15 EST 2010

> Perhaps my question was a bit too rash, I should perform some more tests before (at least before causing you more work :-; )
> I'll try to come back with some more substantial result (in fact I didn't investigate if the problem was general CPU overload, or had to do with the simultaneous use of on-tick specifically)

No problem.  I'll be updating the Moby PLaneT package as soon as I go
through a few more rounds of optimization.

>> Moby is already
>> doing something like this, because the "on-shake" handler's doing a
>> kind of change-of-acceleration computation and the Phonegap extension
>> is generating the on-shake event.
> Thanks for the hint, I'l have a look! Just a general question: I understood like it was planned to revert to the "actual" phonegap code in the long run, but  here you're spending time extending the fork, so...
> Just wondering in which direction you plan to go?

I want to treat Phonegap as a black box.  I'm hoping at some point in
the near future that I check out a fresh version of Phonegap and do
direct class extensions to their middleware to add the additional
features we need, without touching their existing codebase.  The only
reason we forked Phonegap was because, at the time, we were strapped
for time and desperate to just get something working, and the
middleware wasn't working well then.

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