[racket] Super basic question about strings

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Wed Nov 17 14:57:54 EST 2010

> I'm also now curious whether the string port implementation could be 
> sped up at all, perhaps in light of the JIT.

Oh, I just looked at the string output-port C code in Racket 5.0.1, and 
I'm kinda wanting to do a pure Racket implementation that is accessible 
to the JIT, and see how it compares.

Also, I'm wondering whether consing to store a list of strings from the 
write calls without copying would be easier or harder on the GC in 
practice than what the current implementation does (i.e., copying each 
write into a native allocation, occasionally growing the buffer by 
allocating a replacement and copying into it, and copying out a 
substring upon "get-output-string").  The first potential problem that 
comes to mind for storing a list of allocations from write operations 
without copying is that such a string port could turn lots of 
short-lived allocations into long-lived ones.  Copying the write strings 
immediately avoids that problem, but then we're doing a lot more 
allocations.  I guess I could also try a variation on the current 
implementation that grows the buffer by chaining allocations rather than 
replacing, which would mean fewer allocations in some cases, but I 
suspect that would be a minor improvement at best.


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