[racket] drracket 5.0.2 does not start on Freebsd 8-stable

From: Mathias Picker (Mathias.Picker at gmx.de)
Date: Wed Nov 17 10:04:18 EST 2010

the error msg is 
set-box!: expects argument of type <mutable box>; given

 === context ===
/usr/local/lib/racket/collects/framework/main.rkt: [running body]
/usr/local/lib/racket/collects/drracket/tool-lib.rkt: [traversing
[running body]
/usr/local/lib/racket/collects/drracket/drracket.rkt: [running body]

Since this seems to be an active port and I found nothing about this
error, I assume it should work...

How can I go on debugging this error?

Thanks, Mathias

P.S.: it's running in xorg 7.5, gnome (with xmonad or metacity)

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