[racket] member et al.

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Thu Nov 11 10:32:40 EST 2010

In fact, I proposed adding the ? forms of these functions where the new ones
are strictly boolean.

These are essential for the SLs since the standard versions are useless due
to the true/false tests in the language.

On Nov 11, 2010 6:44 AM, "Jay McCarthy" <jay.mccarthy at gmail.com> wrote:

I agree with Mark. I often write ? versions of functions like member
in my code when I write it the first time to show the "predicate

Another important case is when you don't want internal values to
"escape" to the client because you forget that member/and/etc return
the thing, not #t.


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