[racket] Newbie question

From: engineer at alum.mit.edu (engineer at alum.mit.edu)
Date: Wed Nov 10 16:13:08 EST 2010

It's like taking a pile of cash in three different denominations and
determining the total value.

The significance tells you which digit is which.  For instance, in the
12,657,809.43 ;
 the 3 is very insignificant to the total value of the number.  So 3 is the
least significant there.

Your function signature looks good.


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> Think of how, with multiplication, you could convert a sequence of digits
> into a whole number that you could compare to another whole number.
> 	On Nov 10, 2010 2:40 PM, "André Toscano"
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> 	Hi all!
> 	I'm new to programming. I'm trying to learn on my own in my spare
> time, not a student in any school or course. Got hold of the HTDP book
> website when searching the web for resources, and am progressing through
> it at my own (usually slow) pace.
> 	I'm kind of getting stuck on a specific exercise.
> 	It's 5.1.3. in this url http://htdp.org/2003-09-26/Book/curriculum-
> Z-H-8.html
> 	I did 5.1.2. already and it's working fine. Also, I have a pretty
> good idea of how to do 5.1.4. I'm just stuck at 5.1.3.
> 	As it says in the problem formulation, "check-guess3 consumes three
> digits and a number.[...] The number is called 'target'[...]", and from
> what I can figure out, 'guess' is a number made up of the three digits
> that have to be inputed. So I believe 'target' is the random name that the
> computer will choose (like in exercise 5.1.2.) and to which 'guess' should
> be compared against.
> 	And that's where I'm stuck. How can I "build" a number based on
> three inputed digits?
> 	Should those 3 digits be three different arguments present in the
> function definition?
> 	; for example (define (check-guess3 digit1 digit2 digit3 target) ?
> 	I'm not expecting to get a direct answer in here. But if someone
> could be kind enough to just rephrase what's expected, that would probably
> be of help.
> 	Thanks.
> 	Andre'
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