[racket] Math Guidance

From: wooks . (wookiz at hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Nov 4 11:01:21 EDT 2010

> wooks, you're starting to resemble a troll (on this topic), so one
> last comment (from me): people who make life-long decisions on the
> basis of one year's job data are fools.  They deserve what they get.
> (That includes going into computer science just as much as it includes
> those who avoid it.)
> As for "why take CS classes", you're conflating even more things, but
> it's probably not worthwhile trying to sort them apart.

The decline in employment prospects in Information Technology  (at least in the West) can be traced back to at least 2002 (dotcom bust, post Y2K).

"why take CS classes"  (I guess there is no allowance for being tongue in cheek today).

The real problem for CS grads today is that (unlike say Biomed) there are no true barriers to entry for most of the jobs that the average CS grad applies for.

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