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From: wooks . (wookiz at hotmail.com)
Date: Thu Nov 4 10:17:44 EDT 2010

> Anyway, poorly-trained people in any discipline are not going to do
> well except in exceptionally fat years, and computing is certainly a
> discipline that, in many cases, is easy to move offshore.  My view is
> that over time, good graduates will be in exceptional demand, while
> weak graduates will have none at all.

Come now Shiram, there are lots of people who don't want to go to CS grad school, didn't go to a name school and/or maybe don't have the stellar  GPA that the likes of Google tend to look for.

It doesn't make them poorly trained. 

Lean times are across the board. The point is that  CS grads are doing worse than comparable graduates of other disciplines.

 Alot of people who have hiring responsibility now came from non CS/IT backgrounds during the technology boom of the 90's. So it's hardly suprising that a CS grad holds no lustre for them.

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