[plt-scheme] Re: [plt-edu-discuss] some news

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 30 20:56:54 EDT 2010

Thanks for all the congratulatory wishes. The award is of course
an acknowledgement for the entire team and I accept it for the 
team as a whole. 

I will always remember the first meeting in 1995 -- with Shriram, 
Bruce, Cormac, and Matthew in attendance -- when I proposed to add 
education outreach to our work load. When Shriram ended the meeting 
with "I always wanted to be a part of such a project and I am happy to 
go along" I knew it was going to be worth it all. A year after Robby 
joined and then Kathi and soon we were on a roll. 

Thanks everyone -- to those who were there at the beginning, those
who joined PLT later, the workshop participants who learned with us, 
the people who put into their classroom, and everyone else who's 
helping out with the project and the workshops. It was a fun trip 
and I hope we can have more adventures together over the next 15 years 

-- Matthias

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