[plt-scheme] problem running moby scheme compiler from command line

From: Danny Yoo (dyoo at cs.wpi.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 30 14:14:55 EDT 2010

Hi Jay,

If you just want to play with Moby, the simplest thing to do is just
use it directly from PLaneT.  You can take a look at the very
beginning of:


for examples.

For example,  set DrScheme to Module language, and copy and paste the
following into your Definitions window:

  #lang planet dyoo/moby:2:34
  (define WIDTH 320)
  (define HEIGHT 480)
  (define RADIUS 15)

  (define INITIAL-WORLD 0)

  (define (tick w)
    (+ w 5))

  (define (hits-floor? w)
    (>= w HEIGHT))

  (check-expect (hits-floor? 0) false)
  (check-expect (hits-floor? HEIGHT) true)

  (define (render w)
    (place-image (circle RADIUS "solid" "red") (/ WIDTH 2) w
                 (empty-scene WIDTH HEIGHT)))

  (js-big-bang INITIAL-WORLD
               (on-tick 1/15 tick)
               (on-redraw render)
               (stop-when hits-floor?))

Finally, press Run.

For casual use, you don't need the development sources from git; if
you want to build Android packages, you can still do so without
checking the development sources out.

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