[plt-scheme] Re: question of a casual drscheme (v. 424) user

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Mar 17 15:50:55 EDT 2010

On Mar 17, Noel Welsh wrote:
> To find the mailing list post that I originally sent to this thread
> I just threw the error message into Google; automated analysis
> (Google) is better than human annotation (Yahoo). So my suggestion
> is to do the "link common errors to common solutions" automatically.
> This could be as simple as setting up a search engine that indexes
> the docs and mailing list (see Apache Solr; this is a back burner
> project for me).  There is then an infinite amount of effort one can
> expend making this better along a number of axes. E.g. better
> text/link analysis algorithms, better presentation of information,
> better analysis of user behaviour.

I completely agree that some automatic thing through google would be
the best way to deal with it.  For any "proper" solution this will
involve a ton of work in very different areas (for example, my wife
has been working on a system that can find solutions to common
problems automatically, but it's a pretty difficult thing to do and
requires a large corpus of answers to train on -- which is why they're
focusing on Windows setup problems.)

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