[plt-scheme] dns-find-nameserver complains "input in flex scanner failed" (but works anyway)

From: Ben Goetter (goetter at mazama.net)
Date: Mon Mar 15 09:49:37 EDT 2010

On 3/15/2010 6:47 AM, Ben Goetter wrote:
> If, however, I replace the (open-input-file "NUL") with a sequence 
> that creates, then immediately closes the pipe,
>  (define-values (pout pin pid perr proc) (apply values (process/ports 
> #f (open-input-file "NUL") (current-error-port) "nslookup.exe")))
>  (close-output-port pin)
> then the error message does not appear.

Sorry, that last should of course have been
  (define-values (pout pin pid perr proc) (apply values (process/ports 
#f #f (current-error-port) "nslookup.exe")))
Shouldn't be typing before coffee.

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