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Date: Thu Mar 11 03:44:12 EST 2010

> wooks wrote:
> >>> I have just come across a set of lecture notes for a 2001 CS
> >>> course in an
> >>>>> American University that contain a significant amount of
> >>>>> plagiarism from a book by Michael Jackson (Software
> >>>>> Requirements and Specifications). In some instances whole
> >>>>> lectures were plagiarised to the extent that the lecturer did
> >>>>> not even bother to change the examples. I wonder what he will
> >>>>> say when next a student presents him with an assignment that
> >>>>> consists of wikipedia entries.
> >>> 
> >>> This does not sound like plagiarism to me.
> >>> 
> > 
> > I thought you were supposed to acknowledge your source when you did
> > that sort of thing. Would it be plagiarism if a student did it?
> A lecturer, unlike a student, is typically not presenting original work 
> and being assessed on its originality. It would be plagiarism if I took 
> examples from a book and passed them off as my own work in a technical 
> talk or in a textbook from which I were to get royalties.
> That said, it is good practice to acknowledge sources. You don't get the 
> whole context with slides -- the lecturer may have acknowledged the 
> source orally, as I often do. One instance where I don't do this right 
> away is if the source also contains examples I am using as assignment 
> questions. I have, in such circumstances, prepared a "sources" sheet 
> available after the final exam. --PR
> One might also want to consult the syllabus for the course as well, of course.
> Robby

This was his page for the 2001 course
No mentioned of Jacksons book in any of the links although he does mention 2 other books in I supposed what could loosely be called a reading list. Lecture 3 and 4 are entirely lifted from Jacksons book. So is a good portion (because I haven't looked exhaustively) of lecture 5. I see he is now claiming copyright on material that has been substantially lifted.

Fast forward  to 2003 (I stumbled upon this by using a different search engine when preparing to post)
He's switched textbooks for his Requirements material and the new textbook has been very prominently acknowledged.?!

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