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Date: Wed Mar 10 01:18:10 EST 2010

> Owen Astrachan? It takes a 'professor of the teaching profession' to  
> tell the world what Knuth said in 1965? I wonder what this tells us  
> about wikipedia and CS education.

I have just come across a set of lecture notes for a 2001 CS course in an American University that contain a significant amount of plagiarism from a book by Michael Jackson (Software Requirements and Specifications). In some instances whole lectures were plagiarised to the extent that the lecturer did not even bother to change the examples. I wonder what he will say when next a student presents him with an assignment that consists of wikipedia entries.
My kneejerk ill-informed opinion on the state of CS education lays the blame squarely at the door of the rise of the "OO Movement" and Java. This has resulted in Math lite CS curriculums in which the role of an Algorithms is de-emphasised to the point of triviality and which have been shorn of any treatment of  formal methods in favour of courses in UML, OCL and Java (not even Object Oriented Programming).
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