[plt-scheme] Examples of Scheme (or Lisp) in real-world

From: Ciprian Dorin, Craciun (ciprian.craciun at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Mar 9 15:50:32 EST 2010

On Tue, Mar 9, 2010 at 10:32 PM, Shriram Krishnamurthi <sk at cs.brown.edu> wrote:
> You might find the links in the README for my course last fall worth
> providing to your students:
> http://www.cs.brown.edu/courses/cs019/2009/readme
> Shriram

    Thanks for the pointer. Unfortunately there is a little problem
with this... I've tried that three weeks ago... No change... :) :) :)

    Below is the contents of the first section of my first laboratory
(the links are missing from the text as I've copy pasted, but at the
end I've also put my lab link). Indeed what you say there fits
perfectly as a case pro functional programming (pro Lisp).
Unfortunately we need a lot of good will from our students to actually
read and understand all these ideas. (Maybe a quiz from all those good
essays... :) :) )

    Thanks again,

Optional (but highly recommended) reading

The following essays are stolen from Shriram Krishnamurthi [ edited:
here is the link to your readme ]:

    * Beating the Averages, by Paul Graham;
    * Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years, by Peter Norvig;
    * The Perils of JavaSchools, by Joel Spolsky;

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