[plt-scheme] Redirect standard output from ffi C dll to DrScheme Interactions window

From: Rodrigo Correia (rcorreia at idom.pt)
Date: Fri Mar 5 13:51:47 EST 2010

If one can't redirect output from a foreign C code 'printf' to DrScheme
interactions window (in an easy way) and in Linux one is able to see output
from the console that startups DrScheme (the C 'printf' output show in this
console and thank you Thomas for your code), what one can do, in Windows, to
startup DrScheme with a visible console? (starting DrScheme from a dos
console doesn't work!)


I asked this because now my DrScheme, v 4.2.4, in Windows, whem loading
gears.ss a console shows up with the output:
"file#<path:c:\libs\PLT\collects\sgl\examples\gears.ss> produces eof from
read-language (.)". Don't get me wrong, this is great for my C foreign
'printf's but in the long run i don't think its so great.


Any thoughts?


Thank you,


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