[racket] PLaneT and proxies

From: Norman Gray (norman at astro.gla.ac.uk)
Date: Sun Jun 20 17:22:00 EDT 2010

On 2010 Jun 20, at 21:23, Norman Gray wrote:

> On 2010 Jun 20, at 20:59, Norman Gray wrote:
>>> Does planet go through net/url?  If so, then this is better done
>>> there.  (And if it doesn't, then it should...)
>> It does.  And yes (and yes, probably).
> Come to think of it, this is possibly something that should be sorted out (within or via net/url) at a slightly lower level.

On third thoughts (!), the sequence should probably be this:

  * if $http_proxy is set, then net/url should respect it unequivocally (also $no_proxy (where is this stuff documented?)).  On most unixes, that'll be the beginning and end of it.

  * On OS X, I think that http_proxy will typically not be set (it'll only be set by people who use the command-line a lot).  Instead, the system-wide proxy information can be obtained by using system APIs, or by parsing the output of /usr/sbin/scutil.  That has to be reasonably dynamic, since someone might change the 'location' on a laptop, say, from 'at home' to 'at work', with consequent changes to the proxy.

  * I seem to recall that there's a Core Foundation 'read-from-uri' library call which gets all this nonsense correct, transparently, but that may not be an appropriate solution here.

  * ...plus whatever windows requires.

Damn proxies.  Sigh.

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