[plt-scheme] MUD servers?

From: Synx (plt at synx.us.to)
Date: Fri Jun 4 02:24:21 EDT 2010

On 06/02/2010 10:17 PM, George Oliver wrote:
> hi,
> While there are a few threads on the list that mention MUDs, and several
> PLT-Scheme muds referenced in Google results, it seems like most of the
> links to code or running games are long dead. Does anyone have current
> links to PLT-Scheme MUD info?
> As a long-time MUDder and beginning Schemer I think this would be a fun
> project to tackle.

I thought it would be fun to tackle too. Then I realized how PLT does
such wonderful optimization by not allowing you to remove modules
explicitly, but that doesn't cater well to a situation where you are
going in and out of different rooms and player contexts and such. Then I
learned just how convoluted making custom languages is using PLT, which
until last week or so had no tutorial how to do so at all. And finally I
ran into the problems facing sandboxes, how to get them to a state where
you can actually pass s-expressions to them and not have them error out
claiming they're trying to hax your boxes.

It turned out to be a lot more complicated than I imagined at first...
probably mostly my fault since I seem to overcomplicate everything. I
kind of concluded in the end that getting something working isn't worth
the effort and I'd just use LambdaMOO instead (which ironically does not
support any form of LISP at all). Then I just got tired of trying to
make a convincing text game at all. Then I combed my hair over one eye
and started wearing black clothing with striped sleeves everywhere.

In short, I'm still working on it. Slowly. Got other priorities though.
You're free to look at what I got:

The database thing is the trickiest part that actually works. I'm not
sure I could get good performance using a relational SQL database
though, and it'd be better to represent the data as it actually is
instead of trying to strongarm it into some kind of human readable query
language like sqlite wants me to.

Oh also,

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