[racket] How to install non-gui portion of racket

From: Richard Hollos (richard at exstrom.com)
Date: Tue Jul 20 12:54:55 EDT 2010

I need to install racket on a linux machine with no x-windows.
The last time I did it, in Dec 2008, I went to:


and grabbed:


Then just did "configure", "make", and "make install".

Is there a similar easy process for the latest command-line only portion of racket?

I've looked in the README of the latest unix source tarball and didn't see
anything relevant.

I've looked through the online documentation and didn't find anything either.

Looking at the output of "./configure -h" makes me think maybe
might work?

I apologize if this is in the docs and I just didn't see it.

Richard Hollos

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