[racket] file-or-directory-modify-seconds usage bug

From: synx (plt at synx.us.to)
Date: Mon Jul 19 19:28:03 EDT 2010

raco setup:   file-or-directory-modify-seconds: expects type <exact
integer or #f> as 2nd argument, given: +inf.0; other arguments were:

Just noticed this error during install of the latest git. Something
during installation is attempting to set the modified time of the file
to infinitely far in the future. So either
file-or-directory-modify-seconds has to be adjusted to set modified time
to the highest possible number in such cases, or the code calling that
has to make sure it  passes a real, finite integer to the procedure.

My git repository is in /home/racket/git ($GIT). It's attempting to
install in /var/opt/racket ($PREFIX). I'm running my little compilation
script in the ordinary place: $GIT/build. I'm using
$GIT/build/temp-install as a DESTDIR. (Then as root I'll just copy the
files over to /var/opt/racket but I haven't got that far yet.)

The two files that raised the error were in $DESTDIR$PREFIX/$COLLECTS:



I was also seeing a lot of errors like this:
raco setup: ERROR: games/doors doors.rkt: default-load-handler: cannot
open input file: "/home/racket/git/collects/sgl/gl-info.rkt" (No such
file or directory; errno=2)

Which is pretty odd, because gl-info.rkt is only created in
$DESTDIR/$PREFIX/$COLLECTS/sgl/ not in $GIT/$COLLECTS. Why it would be
requiring the existence of a generated file in the source directory,
that doesn't ever get modified during the build process, I can only
think it must be a bug somewhere.

Since it's so big, I'll reply with the full make.log for moderators to
approve at their leisure.
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