[racket] HTDP.org solutions access?

From: Horace Dynamite (horace.dynamite at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jul 19 04:30:05 EDT 2010

> It's just a less efficient workflow to post my solutions to the list
> asking for feedback, vs being able to quickly click, compare mine to
> the correct one, and move on.

The problem with this observation is that one night you'll be tired,
struggling on an exercise, and in a moment of weakness you'll look at
the solution without thinking hard, whereas it would be better just to
go to bed and try again later. It's amazing that you can talk directly
to the authors and all the other clever people of this list, getting
feedback on places you find hard in the text. You'll get more out of
the book if you ask here, rather than looking at answers.

> But there are usually variations on how the program can be correctly
> written, and that's what I was hoping to be able to check against the
> authors' solutions.

I'm not sure what section of the book you're at. But throughout the
book really, you're answers aren't likely to be /very/ different to
the authors *if you follow the design recipes*. Once you've studied
your template and the data definitions for the problem you're
currently on, there just aren't that many variations. You'll 'feel'
when solutions are going awry too.


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