[racket] Google doesn't know from DrRacket

From: Joe Marshall (jmarshall at alum.mit.edu)
Date: Fri Jul 2 14:20:49 EDT 2010

>> On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 11:56 AM, Stephen De Gabrielle
>> <stephen.degabrielle at acm.org> wrote:
>> > I'm guessing there is a XML sitemap registered with
>> > google/bing/yahoo?

> On Jul  1, Joe Marshall wrote:
>> No.  There should be.

On Thu, Jul 1, 2010 at 10:35 PM, Eli Barzilay <eli at barzilay.org> wrote:
> Is there any reason to set one up?  I've been reading a bunch of stuff
> on the google webmaster tools thing that you pointed at and elsewhere,
> and it seems like the only reason to do that is for sites with lots of
> pages and/or sites with pages that are otherwise not linked from a
> visible page.

It is primarily used to direct the crawler, but the <priority> field is
good for giving hints to where the good `landing pages' are.


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