[plt-scheme] No plt-uninstall script

From: Synx (plt at synx.us.to)
Date: Wed Jan 27 14:25:33 EST 2010

Richard Lewis wrote:

> How can I remove plt-scheme?

I don't know. :/ But...

> I installed plt-scheme 4.2.3 from source using
> $ src/configure --prefix=/usr/local
> $ src/make
> $ sudo src/make install

What you can do in such an emergency is this:
$ src/make -i install 2>locations.log 1>&2

Then you just look (or grep) through locations.log to find all the
places it fails to install a file (since it wasn't root), and delete (or
restore) that file.


What I always do, and I think is a good practice in general, is to
install each large application (or application suite) in its own
directory tree, so for instance "--prefix=/var/opt/plt/". Then I make
/var/opt/plt directory as owned by a normal user:

builder$ sudo mkdir /var/opt/plt
builder$ sudo chown builder /var/opt/plt
builder$ src/make install
builder$ sudo chown root:root -R /var/opt/plt

For most applications that system works great, though it of course fails
horribly on applications that require root privileges during their
installation phase, or applications that depend on the SETUID bit. But
for PLT it works fine. And by installing as a non-privileged user, you
can ensure the application doesn't delete or overwrite any of your
existing necessary files.

I just manually go and say
$ cd /usr/local/bin
$ sudo ln -s /var/opt/plt/bin/* .

Since they're symbolic links, even if I delete and re-install the plt
directory it still works to say
$ mzscheme

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