[plt-scheme] Re: Standalone Windows Executable - split-path

From: JCG (griffinish at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 19 19:28:14 EST 2010

On more important addition.  There are in Dr. Scheme 3 choices -
launcher, stand-alone and distribution.  Only the stand-alone is the
problem.  Distribution which appears to generate a zip seems to work
well.  So, it works with source or in distribution and poses little
practical problem to me now.


On Jan 18, 11:14 am, JCG <griffin... at gmail.com> wrote:
> I have a MrEd program that when on Windows, not running from source
> gives:
> split-path: expects argument of type <path (for any platform) or
> string>; given #f
>  === context ===
> c:\program files\plt-.....scribble\html-render.ss:1380:0: explode
> ....
> #%embedded:g14416:zen-repl: [ traversing imports ]
> zen-main-frame: [traversing imports]
> I've tried this using several releases, all running under XP service
> pack 3.   There's no symptom running from source on Windows.  On Mac
> and Linux, all is fine in any of the DrScheme menu items for creating
> an executable.  Development has been on a Mac with occasional Linux
> and every week or so I've made "sure" that the stuff runs on
> Windows... but by hitting the Dr. Scheme run button rather than
> creating an executable.
> I have short-circuited the initial line of execution which fires up
> the main frame% with no change in this symptom.
> This intuitively feels as though I'm missing something simple.
> Thanks in advance.
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