[plt-scheme] Choosing language in PLT Scheme

From: Slobodan Blazeski (slobodan.blazeski at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 19 13:13:40 EST 2010

Coming from cl and after learning some Scheme I want to write some real
world program in it and the PLT Scheme looks like a the best choice on
windows with its nice and modern ide and ability to deploy the application
as single executable which is a gift from heaven for me. However I'm
completely confused about what language represent in PLT Scheme, is it
posible to mix them and which one of them should I use for my application
(R5RS, R6RS , Pretty Big, Swindle etc) .
At minimum I would need fallowing for my application:
1. PLT HTTP server
2. OO support (like TinyCLOS or something like that).
3. Some database bindings (like SqlLite, MySql, Postgre or whatever RDBMS
flavor is available)

JSON-RPC would be nice but if its not available I'm ready to get my hands
dirty and write it myself.

So my questions are:
What language should I choose ?
How to include all those needed *libraries* ?
How do you organize application that is split into several files? (something
like common lisp asdf)


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