[plt-scheme] Literal '+inf.0' problem with compile through C.

From: David Brown (plt at davidb.org)
Date: Mon Jan 18 04:10:31 EST 2010

I realize that compilation through C is considered "old", but it seems
still potentially useful for non-jit targets.  The following piece of
code generates an error.

     #lang scheme
     (display +inf.0)

   $ mzc --auto-dir -e inf.ss
   Warning: compilation to C is usually less effective for performance
            than relying on the bytecode just-in-time compiler.
   $ mzscheme inf.ss 
   #f::0: compile: bad syntax; literal data is not allowed, because no #%datum syntax transformer is bound in: +inf.0
    === context ===
The other -inf.0 and +nan.0 constants produce similar errors.

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