[plt-scheme] Re: GUI

From: Avi (n4alpaca at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jan 10 16:13:33 EST 2010

Sorry about not subscribing, I did not read the emails on that e-mail
acccount. I think it's a good idea to subscribe people automatically.
If a person bothers to join the group probably means to subscribe
also, well at least I did.

On Jan 10, 4:01 pm, Neil Van Dyke <n... at neilvandyke.org> wrote:
> I, too, think that a bounce with brief, polite URL/info on how to
> subscribe is definitely the way to go.
> Reduce the admin work, reduce spam.
> Peter Horst wrote at 01/10/2010 03:37 PM:
> > It would also be somewhat rude to just bounce all messages from
> > non-subscribers with a note saying "here's how to subscribe," but I
> > still think that's the better answer.
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