[plt-scheme] GUI

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Jan 6 15:37:11 EST 2010

After fixing numerous syntactic mistakes (in a nonsensical but  
grammatically correct way), the two windows pop up just fine:

;; Intermediate plus Lambda

(require htdp/gui)

(define a-text-choices
     (make-message "Please pick what you want to do."))
(define options
  (list "Compound""Moles(experimental)"))
(define choices (make-choice options))

(define b-text-field
     (make-text "Please input number of elements"))

(define (choose-prog x)
    [(symbol=? 2 (text-contents b-text-field)) "Molecule2"]
    [(symbol=? 3 (text-contents b-text-field)) "Molecule3"]
    [(symbol=? 4 (text-contents b-text-field)) "Molecule4"]))

(define Element-Window
        (list (list b-text-field)
              (list (make-button "Go" ; choose-prog
                                 (lambda(e) (hide-window Element- 

(define (choose x)
    [(symbol=? 0 (choice-index choices))Element-Window]))

(create-window (list (list a-text-choices)(list choices) (list (make- 
button "OK" choose))))

;; ---

Since I don't know what you want to achieve, I can't help much more. I  
can tell you, though, that you should design individual functions with  
check-expect tests and examples and so on.

Good luck -- Matthias

On Jan 5, 2010, at 7:28 PM, Avi wrote:

> I have a program which (perhaps I should add that I began scheme 2
> months ago) gives me the following error:
> reference to an identifier before its definition: choose-prog <----
> This is a definition
> I know how to fix this error, but when I move my GUI file above this
> definition, it will give me another error that tells me  that I can
> not use a program before I define it. A runs B, but B takes data from
> A so B must come after A, but A also must go after B because of the
> manner in which the scheme compiler works. Please help me resolve. If
> I did not do a good enough job explaining, try it for yourself with
> this code (this is the code i'm having trouble with).
> (define a-text-choices
>     (make-message "Please pick what you want to do."))
> (define options
>  (list "Compound""Moles(experimental)"))
> (define choices
>  (make-choice options)
> (define b-text-field
>     (make-text "Please input number of elements"))
> (define choose-prog
>  (cond
>    [(symbol=? 2 (text-contents b-text-field)) Molecule2]
>    [(symbol=? 3 (text-contents b-text-field)) Molecule3]
>    [(symbol=? 4 (text-contents b-text-field)) Molecule4]))
> (define Element-Window
>   (create-window
>        (list (list b-text-field)(list (make-button "Go" choose-prog
> (lambda(e)(hide-window Element-Window)))))))
> (define choose
>  (cond
>    [(symbol=? 0 (choice-index choices))Element-Window]))
> (create-window
>        (list(list a-text-choices)(list choices)(make-button "OK"
> choose)))
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