[plt-scheme] Debugging non-scheme-heap memory leaks

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sun Jan 3 12:16:18 EST 2010

On Jan  2, Matthew Flatt wrote:
> Can you say more about how you're running this program an measuring
> memory use?
> When I run directly in MzScheme, it takes about 2 minutes --- yes,
> generators can be relatively slow --- but memory use is stable at
> 22MB.  when I run in DrScheme with debugging enabled, it takes about
> 3 minutes, and memory use still seems to be stable (around 120MB for
> the whole DrScheme process). I'm running on x86 Mac OS X.

FWIW, I tried it on a 64 bit machine running Fedora (the build
machine), and the numbers are different -- takes about 6 minutes real
time and 7s user time (and this is not a slow machine), and memory use
was at 103-104mb.  But the memory was *very* stable there.  I tried it
both with 4.2.3 and the newest nightly build (which was 6s slower
overall, with 0.5s more in user time).

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