[plt-scheme] FW: plt-scheme virtual machine has run out of memory, linux

From: Thomas Chust (chust at web.de)
Date: Thu Feb 25 16:57:28 EST 2010


if I understand your code correctly, you call scheme_main_setup once but
make calls to the Scheme runtime later, after scheme_main_setup has
returned. This is at least dangerous and from my experience it is also
very likely to fail.

The documentation states that, among other things, scheme_main_setup
determines stack bounds for use by the garbage collector. At least one
of the reasons why it is a bad idea to call any Scheme API function
after scheme_main_setup has returned is that it may easily happen that
your current call frame lies somewhere outside the limits previously
established by scheme_main_setup which is likely to cause memory
corruption and of course once that has happened all hell may break loose
whenever your computer feels like it ;-)

Maybe you can achieve what you want by calling scheme_set_stack_base,
scheme_basic_env and other building blocks of scheme_main_setup directly.

But since all Scheme API calls usually have to be performed on the same
thread and within a certain range of stack frames anyway, I would simply
spawn a dedicated Scheme worker thread and run an endless evaluation
loop inside the callback of scheme_main_setup on that thread.


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