[plt-scheme] Re: Extensions in Visual Studio

From: jacmoe (jacmoe at mail.dk)
Date: Sat Feb 20 11:25:44 EST 2010

I added scheme_initialize_internal to the exports and it seems to work

Very odd, because I don't actually implement that function, but if it
makes mzscheme happy...

On Feb 20, 4:20 pm, jacmoe <jac... at mail.dk> wrote:
> I am trying to write extensions using Visual Studio, and haven't had
> any luck doing that. :)
> This is my def file:
> LIBRARY   mzExtension
>    scheme_initialize
>    scheme_reload
>    scheme_module_name
> My project is a DLL project and the source is the sample make adder
> for 3m.
> I link to mzdyn3m.obj and libmzsch3m_6ncc9u.lib
> When trying to load the extension, mzscheme complains about not
> finding the entry and tells me it's not an extension..
> Anything I've missed?
> I can create the extension using mzc, of course, but I want to use my
> IDE.
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