[plt-scheme] Re: HTDP - evidently not for everyone.

From: Thomas Holubar (scheme at phirho.com)
Date: Fri Feb 12 18:46:24 EST 2010

On 12.02.2010 18:57, Robby Findler wrote:
>> Imagine a scenario where every single student in the class fits that
>> profile and you begin (because there are other factors) to approach
>> the situation in my class.
> Well, I stretched the truth a little with my comment above (it would
> be hard to get into a master's program without a high school degree,
> for example, no matter how money hungry the administrators at the
> school may be :), but it is difficult to understand why you are even
> posting here if no one can possibly understand what you are dealing
> with. Isn't it an immediate consequence that our lack of understanding
> implies our inability to help?

Well, maybe because he uses HtdP as course material - and where else to 
post if not here?

Although of course there is a valid point here - the pace of HtdP is 
probably too fast for wooks' students. So this forum is maybe not the 
optimal one.

But then again: as long as there is no "HtdP light" out there - where 
else to post? ;-)

OTOH: there's also a chance for HtdP in this.
As HtdP (or programming education, for that matter) broadens its domain, 
more and more students with wildly different backgrounds will be exposed 
to it. And one-size-fits-all is likely not the best approach...
So: Where is "HtdP light"?


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