[plt-scheme] Scan key code in non-gui mode

From: Synx (plt at synx.us.to)
Date: Mon Feb 8 01:18:36 EST 2010

nandehutu wrote:
> I'm a beginner in Scheme.

In drscheme, be sure to set the language on the lower left to "Module".
If you go to "Choose Language" then "Show Details" on Module. It'll let
you change the "Automatic #lang line" to #lang scheme/base. If you want,
that is. No biggie really.

Also go to Edit > Preferences... > Colors > Background Color, and pick
"Parentheses Color Scheme" to be either Winter Spring or Fall (NOT Basic
Grey). I still say that should be the default.

> will print out "32" right away.  I'm planning to write a non-gui app
> so detecting the keyboard event throught scheme/gui seems like an
> overkill to me.

The PLT GUI isn't overkill in the slightest. In fact it's probably more
reliable and cross platform than using standard input and standard
output. I tend to use it by default. I'll attach an example.

...though I do use the scheme/base language and the scheme/gui/base
module, but that's because I'm a neat freak.
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