[plt-scheme] version 4.2.5 crashes on startup

From: John Harrison (jahhaj at ntlworld.com)
Date: Wed Apr 28 17:35:20 EDT 2010

Having downloaded and built the PLT source, my problem seems to be 
caused by a bit of assembler code in the file 
plt-4.2.5\src\mzscheme\src\future.c, line 493. The error message when 
executed is '0xC000001E:  An attempt was made to execute an invalid lock 

This is way outside my understanding but perhaps the fact that I have an 
AMD Athlon chip not an Intel chip is the problem? Does PLT support AMD 
hardware? As I said it never was a problem previously.


On 28/04/2010 08:25, John Harrison wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just installed v 4.2.5 on Windows XP and mzscheme crashes on 
> startup. From the windows error dialog I get
> AppName: mzscheme.exe     AppVer:     ModName: 
> libmzsch3m_6ncd1k.dll
> ModVer:     Offset: 00086c02
> Any ideas? I've never had a similar problem with previous versions.
> John
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