[plt-scheme] Quick help with image.ss/universe.ss teachpacks

From: Jessica Sonday (jessisrae at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Apr 28 16:05:45 EDT 2010


Sorry to bother with what is probably an easy fix, but I've been searching
for a few hours now on how to fix my issue. I have the latest version
(4.2.5) and cannot seem to get anything to rotate/crop, nor can I make
shapes like right-triangle. I have the image and universe
teachpacks/libraries added, and am using Beginning Student with List
Abbreviations as my Teaching Language. When I input something like

(rotate 45 (ellipse 60 20 "solid" "purple"))

I get

reference to an identifier before its definition: rotate

>From what I've read, these are defined in the 2htdp/image teachpack. Am I
missing something obvious?

Thank you very much for your time.

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