[plt-scheme] fluxus 0.17

From: Dave Griffiths (dave at pawfal.org)
Date: Mon Apr 12 02:51:12 EDT 2010

Fluxus is a 3D game engine for livecoding worlds into existence.

"act of a flowing; a continuous moving on or passing by, as of a flowing
stream; a continuous succession of changes"

We spent too long livecoding and forgot to do any releases, so this is
your semi-annual fluxus release fanfare:


* Render to texture makes recursive worlds possible
* Freeframe plugins supported
* Windows support
* OpenAL 3D sound playback
* AR/Camera module
* Planetarium/dome projection
* Livecode text effects to confuse your audiences
* Experimental voxel primitive
* Icosphere primitive
* Unicode support in the scratchpad
* Some proper games stuff - frustum culling, scene inspection etc.
* Stereo panning in fluxa.

Get it here:



team fluxus

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