[plt-scheme] Web framework question

From: Sergey (power.real at gmail.com)
Date: Sat Apr 10 10:50:58 EDT 2010

Hello everybody!
I try to write a simple blog web-application.
And cannot find the way to change template file without restarting application.

my code is very similar to code from "Continue: Web Applications in
PLT Scheme" http://docs.plt-scheme.org/continue/index.html

(define (render-blog request)
  (local ((define (response-generator make-url)
            `(html ,(make-cdata #f #f (include-template "template/1.html"))))
          (define (insert-post-handler request)
              (insert-post-from-bindings (request-bindings request))
              (render-blog request))))
  (send/suspend/dispatch response-generator)))

(serve/servlet render-blog
               #:port 8080
               #:listen-ip #f
               #:command-line? #t
               #:servlet-path "/")

or http://gist.github.com/362047

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