[plt-scheme] Suggestion: Backtrace Remembers Last, not First Tail-Recursive Procedure

From: Synx (plt at synx.us.to)
Date: Wed Apr 7 22:42:06 EDT 2010

I'd sure like to make it so that the backtrace kept track not of the 
first procedure in a round of tail recursion, but the last procedure 
instead. When a procedure recurses in tail position, it effectively 
"goes away" and is replaced by the procedure it calls. This should also 
be true of the backtrace, which I don't think is the case. At the very 
least I'd like to be able to configure that behavior. Currently I'm 
dealing with a backtrace like this:

  === context ===
/home/*****/code/scheme/util/sqlite.ss:80:9: loop
/home/*****/code/scheme/backup/scan.ss:56:0: main

At scan.ss:56:0 there is a procedure called "main" that calls a 
procedure called "check-sources" that repeatedly calls an anonymous 
procedure, that calls a procedure called "with-transaction" which calls 
another lambda that calls a procedure named "stat:fold-files" which 
calls a third lambda on a bunch of files, which itself calls 
"vector-ref". Many of those calls are tail recursive, or at least 
potentially tail recursive, but I would much rather see a stack trace 
like this:

/home/*****/code/scheme/util/sqlite.ss:80:9: loop
/home/*****/code/scheme/backup/scan.ss:56:0: stat:fold-files

I don't care that it was called in main, if main has already been 
tail-call optimized into obscurity. I do however care that the exception 
occurred in the stat:fold-files function (assuming it did). But when I 
see "scan.ss:56:0: main" all that tells me is that there was an error 
somewhere in main, check-sources, with-transaction, stat:fold-files, 
three anonymous procedures, and vector-ref, and the error could have 
happened in any of those procedures, because the one it is actually in 
is not recorded by the stacktrace, while the obsolete procedure at the 
beginning of the tail-recursive sequence is the only thing preserved.

I can glean from the error message "SQLite Error: Library used 
incorrectly" that it probably has something to do with a bug in 
with-transaction, that blocks the real exception from being displayed by 
messing up using the sqlite library. But that information is vague and 
heuristic, and it's much harder to figure out exactly what the problem 
is. If, however, I actually saw a line like 
"..util/sqlite.ss:connection%with-transaction:204" then I would be much 
more sure of where the problem is.

I know the error happens somewhere inside "main" so I don't need to know 
anything about that. Therefore I suggest that the backtrace keep track 
of the lowest tail-recursive call, not the highest one. I can't think of 
any time that would be a problem... but if so I'd at least like to be 
able to enable that behavior selectively for myself.

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