[plt-scheme] alpha-colors in universe/world

From: Jordan Johnson (jmj at fellowhuman.com)
Date: Wed Sep 30 18:35:55 EDT 2009

Hi all,

One of my particularly enthusiastic students discovered the
documentation for alpha-colors in the image.ss teachpack, and
subsequently discovered that the image primitives (triangle, circle,
...) don't accept alpha-colors.

  * Is there anything I can do to get his hands onto a set of primitives
    that DO accept the alpha-colors and that are still compatible with
    the HtDP approach?

  * Is this something that will likely change in the spiffy new version
    that's coming out sometime in the next few months?

  * If not either of those, can you suggest any answer I can give that's
    better than "sorry, not possible"? :)

This is a youngster I *really* would like to inspire to do neat things
with DrScheme, since he's bright, highly motivated, and already pushing
the limits of what we can do (or at least what limits I'm aware of) with
the image libraries -- and politically, this would be a nice thing to
get right, since a parent is a programmer/professor who is both highly
involved with the school and highly skeptical of my use of DrScheme


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