[plt-scheme] Using PLT's web infrastructure in a commercial setting

From: Jose A. Ortega Ruiz (jao at gnu.org)
Date: Wed Sep 30 11:32:59 EDT 2009


I'm trying to make the case for using PLT Scheme for a webapp (with
heavy use of dynamically generated javascript) that we're developing at
my company during the next few months. As one would expect, comparisons
with Java-based solutions and RoR are on the table, and there's also the
worry about scalability and robustness/maturity of the platform.

I would greatly appreciate it if you could share your experiences on
web-based 'production environments' with PLT, or point me to examples of
webapps out there using it (fortunately, i don't need to convince my
bosses that scheme is a better language than the alternatives). Please
feel free to mail me directly (jao at pobox dot com) instead of the list
should you prefer it. I'm fine both ways.

Thanks a lot for your time!

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